Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 52: Maker project goes viral - Turning old dolls into TREE CHANGE DOLLS

What happens when a Maker Project goes viral?  Sonya Singh is trying to figure that out.
Her  Tree Change Dolls Facebook page just reached over 100,000 - not something she was planning on

Her project doesn't use fancy 3D printers, electronics, or microprocessors, but is filled with innovative idea about making old things beautiful again.  Sonya finds old broken dolls and REMAKES them into new dolls by fixing broken body parts,  removing unrealistic makeup, painting beautiful new faces, and adding new outfits.

According to recent interviews and her blog, she is not interested in becoming a toy manufacturer.  She certainly was not looking to 'go viral'.

 But she does love to make beautiful things and she does have beautiful postcards that capture her work on ETSY which opened this week 

It seems that the postcards are a more realistic way for her to keep "making' and meet her goal of sharing the beauty of her 'tree change project' without switching gears to toy manufacturing.

What is amazing to me is the STRONG message that Sonya has given to toy manufacturers.  This is some pretty 'inexpensive" market research that toy manufacturers can take advantage of about what girls (and the adults in their lives) want.

So glad this maker project went viral.  It's a strong statement about so many things  from recycling,  to making,  to sexualization in toys,  to  the power of social media.

Way to Go Sonya!  Just added you to my favorites list on Twitter.

Loved your recent tweet.  Your project exemplifies the part of the Fixer's Manifesto  that says "Every time we spend money, we vote for the kinds of products we want to see succeed."    I think the success of your project definitely says that consumers want a choice of realistic (and beautiful) dolls.

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