Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day 45 How Valentines Day can Engage a Diverse group of Makers

Valentines Day has always been a day to delve into making.  In my house, out came the construction paper and other craft materials and it was a great excuse to get creative (well maybe until about the time when my three  boys turned 10… when the Valentines day become more a needless gushy day in their eyes.  That was about the same time they started to shake away Mom’s  public displays of affection)    

But just about the same time our boys are starting to push away from the softer side of life (i.e. Valentines Day) many of our girls are starting to move away from the ‘techie’ side of life and some even starting to lose interest in math and science. 

Today’s blog post is not meant to offer deep analysis of why that is or how to fix it  or to revisit Reviving Ophelia .  It’s just meant to call attention to some of the fun ways to play with tech around a holiday that might engage our (males and females)  who enjoy some the softer parts of life,  like the romance or  whimsy around Valentines Day.    

Here are a couple cool ideas and resources that are filled with creative ideas for making to engage a diverse group of makers. The cool things is that many  of these fun ideas can be used all year round, so don’t just showcase them on Valentines day, make them part of your “inspiration and idea’ collection all year round. 

Ever wondered about the Internet of Things.. (IoT)  then how about creating  this IoT  way to tell a loved you you are thinking of them from Little Bits

or this  super cool Valentine Light from the DigitalMisery blog. 

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