Sunday, February 1, 2015

Day 31 Women Who Code...It all Started with GRACE

As  we work diligently to introduce more girls and women to "CODING", we must make sure to include the story of one curious little girl who became one of the first women in the history of computer science~ Grace Muray Hopper.

Two tech savvy film makers  are working hard to make sure that story gets told through the production of a documentary about Grace Hopper ~ Born with Curiosity. An  Indiegogo campaign funded the research for the film, which is currently in production.  Learn more about their project at

From the Indiegogo campaign website

Why This Film & Transmedia project, Why Now

"Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had over 12 films made about them, but their legacies are built on Grace's. Who knows, without Grace Hopper, they might have been door to door calculator salesmen! Even with that fact,there isn't one documentary about Grace and her legacy. It's time to change that." ~ Melissa Pierce, Director, Born with CuriosityMost of history has been written by and about men. Our aim is to bring to life the untold and lost stories of women. We believe shining a light on and humanizing role models like Grace makes them relatable in a way that inspires others to greatness. By taking a real look at the complexities of Grace’s rise to fame, we hope to dispel the myth of the anomalous hero and create the opportunity for women and girls to see themselves in Grace. 

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