Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 49 Mobile Maker Space in Hospitals

When I read this article about creating a mobile maker cart that makes the round in hospitals where kids spend a lot of time,  I immediately thought about how satisfying this would be.  

I have vivid memories of girls in pink stripes walking pushing carts around the hospital with books, pens,  note paper, puzzles, and games.   How cool would it be to add Little bits, squishy circuits,    arduino boards, and other maker stuff to those carts.

Considering the state of flow that comes when engaging in a maker project, I think this idea could really take off.  And what better group to make it happen than a group of tech savvy girls.  Just saying!

Listen / read  the whole story on NPR's story "Maker Space" Allows Kids to Innovate, Learn in the Hospital. 

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