Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 51: Meet Google ambassador, Maurita Ament

Today I had the opportunity to virtually meet  Maurita Ament, a techsavvy sophomore from Spelman College who is serving as a Google student Ambassador and helping to spread the news that GIRLS can and should code.
I was struck by Maria's description of desire to help others in her school and beyond.   Her personal experience has shown her that a variety of technology skills are key to success. 

 "I believe that if you know how to code, do graphic design, or effectively use a computer to gain knowledge, you can do anything your heart desires. "
The story that Maurita shared about she got involved with technology confirmed for me that many girls become engaged with technology's power to connect us.   She went from playing with NEOPETS,  connecting with other NeoPet owners through guilds, to MAKING her own guilds,  to  learning to code and learning other tech skills to  to MAKE her guild even better.   Now that is what I call a fantastic story of success of one of the many ways to get girls involved with technology.   

"I spent a lot of time on the computer playing games like Neopets when I lived there. On Neopets, users connected with each other through “Guilds”. After joining a few of them I realized I wanted to make my own. However, once I made them, no one would join. I started browsing through multiple guilds to see what theirs had that mine didn’t. This was how I discovered HTML/CSS, Adobe Photoshop, and Computer Science. After teaching myself how to code and do some graphic design I was able to get over 100+ members to join my Guild."
Read more about Maurita, on Google's student blog

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