Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 82: Sewn With Code ~ Meet Maddie

At our Girls Make It Series,  the middle school girls got to meet and make with  role mentors like Maxine,  a fantastic role model from one of the local high school.

During the day,  we also introduced the girls to role models through the engaging videos of fantastic young women featured on the Made with Code website.  Of particular interest to our eTextile project  attendees was Maddie,  a  20 year old, who works at the intersection of fashion and technology.

Maddie asks questions like 
           What if cashmere sweaters did not shrink in the wash?
What if clothing regulated your temperature at all times? 
What if we had garments that you could change the color while you wear them or transitional garments that could be different textures?

Listen to Maddie talk  about her scholarships from Vogue and internship at a runway show for Tommy Hillfiger inspired our girls.  Maddie believes that in order "to dream big in the field of future fashion, you need to know code"

She describes how code will be used to help fashion be responsive to our bodies,  cooling it down, warming it up, illuminating when appropriate.   She also encourages girls to learn to code their own websites, and not just hiring someone else to.  According to Maddie, it all a question of "What Do You Want To Learn?"

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