Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 75 I'm back (Taxes and Grandchildren won)

I was sure I could sustain a blog post a day in my Tech Savvy Girls blogging routine.. but unfortunately.. life  took over and I found three things won out in my battle to find some time each day to add a daily blog post to the Tech Savvy Girls blog.  

#1  Grandchildren

The last time I wrote was at the tail end of SxSw Conference in Austin, Texas, when I started packing for a trip back to Vermont.  And when I got there,  6 loving eyes welcomed their grandma back to Vermont and nothing (not even writing a blog post) was going to pull me away from cuddles with Rosie, tickles with Cedar, and games with Simon.

#2  Doing

Sometimes you just gotta do, and not worry about writing about it.  And this trip back to Vermont brought me to a place of implementing the project I'd been planning for the past few weeks -  Girls Make It Day # 2.  On March 24, we had the most amazing session teaching 21 girls and educators to code using the LilyPad Arduino by creating a collaborative.  But pulling this off took every ounce of time, when I wasn't with the grandchildren.  I'll save that story for an upcoming blog post.

#3  Taxes....
yes the April 15 deadline was creeping up on me and 4 days of drudgery could not longer be avoided.

But I'm back... and have missed my daily getaway writing about and for girls in tech.

Glad to be resume this daily goal.

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