Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 78: Common Sense Media Suggestions for Girls Apps

After the last two post about video tape and girls I started to do a little digging looking for advice on video games  or mobile apps that might appeal to girls.  I am afraid that the first hit I got on You Tube was one that included games like Grand Theft Auto and other games that the author and her daughter enjoyed.  Being well aware that Grand Theft Auto's has a reputation for unacceptable treatment of women,  I moved on and decided that a better place to look would be 'beyond Google"  and instead look towards a company that has a reputation for good advice to parents.

Although I would like to see a more expanded list than this..(and plan to keep looking)  here is the list of  apps that Common Sense Media offers to parents who are looking for mobile apps that might appeal to young girls. 

I was disappointed that there were not more apps listed that promoted some of the images and skills we want for our daughters, nieces, and other young girls in our lives to aspire to.  But the list was a start and did have some good titles. The one that most  caught my interest was  Lego Friends Story Maker that allows kids to create multimedia books.  Love that it is free and does not require in app purchases to publish and that it is available on both IOS and Android.   I'll keep looking for more and report back in future post.

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