Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day 72 Smart Women Make Things Smart and Make Them Beautiful

Yesterday I posted pictures of the ATX space at SxSw Create with little commentary.  If you had the same lense on as I did you noticed the lack of women in that space.  With the exception of a college girl on a team of 4 sharing their research,  there was ONE female MAKER in that space!  ONE!

Meet Andrea Rust -- the one female maker at the ATX space at SxSw!

But that is NOT why I stopped at her table.  I stopped because her work was absolutely beautiful.   But it was not only BEAUTIFUL  it was one of the SMARTEST and GEEKIEST pieces out there.

At first glance,  it looked like Andrea was making beautiful lamps with acrylic cut from a laser cutter. It was not until she started telling us about her beautiful lamps that I was blown away by how smart she was and how smart (and geeky) her design was.

Let me let Andrea TELL you herself!

I've asked Andrea if she would like to video conference with the girls at a future Tech Savvy Girls event,  and she agreed.  I can't wait to introduce this amazing role model to you this summer.  Meanwhile you can see her amazing work at

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