Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 64: Announcing Girls Make IT Day Session 2 - Make With Code

So excited to announce our next

Girls Make IT Day 

Session 2

March 24, 2015  8:30 - 2:30

Location: Generator 
250 Main Street, Memorial Auditorium Annex, 
Burlington, Vermont

Bring a Team from YOUR School!

We're looking for three person teams comprised of two middle school girls and one educator/mentor who would like to learn to code e-Textile creations.


8:00     Registration & Tech Setup
8:30     Welcome and Share
9:00     Wire Your Flowers
9:30     Introduction to Arduino /Code  Environment (Blink)
10:00   Sequences & Patterns
10:30   Functions & Methods
11:00   IF/ Then Statement ~ Fading Effects
11:30   FOR Loops - Cascading Lighting Effects
12:00   Lunch & Share ~ Bring a Bag Lunch
12:30   Connecting the Dots ~ Next Steps
1:00    Option 1:  Start an Online Coding Class
Option 2:  Project Time
2:00     Exit Card/ Reflection

This event has prerequisites and tiered tuition options.  Space is limited.
See Website for details.  


  1. Each member of the team must have at least a basic understanding of how LEDs and batteries can be used in crafts and e-Textile projects, as well as prior experience creating simple circuits. This experience can have been a school project using conductive material to create a circuit, an independent project, or a project from Girls Make IT Session 1.

  1. Grade 7-8 is preferred. Younger middle school girls with an aptitude for mathematics and interest in learning to code are welcomed, however.
  2. Each team should bring one Laptop with Arduino Software and Drivers installed. Make sure you have administrator access to install additional drivers if necessary.  If you are unable to do this ahead of time, we can help you do this from 8 - 8:30 am.  
    Please follow instructions for both the Arduino software AND the FTDI drivers found here.
  3. Each member should bring two flower models that they have created from origami or other craft materials prior to attending. There are many EASY origami flower tutorials online.  Here are some suggestions for your flower models.

    You will use your flower models during the day to learn to code.
    These flowers may be made from paper, plastic, fabric, or other non-conductive materials, but they should be designed to incorporate an LED in the center that will be powered by a coin cell battery.  Please DO not attach the LEDs to the batteries in your models, but bring the LED and  battery along so that you may demonstrate how your flowers would work.   We will be using one flower for our first coding project, which you will take home.  You will be coding and contributing the second one to a Group Project -- A Collaborative Garden Traveling Exhibit. This concept was inspired by the following MIT Coding Flower Garden.

To keep the cost down, we have chosen the Bring Your Own Lunch format.  Bring a bag lunch and a water bottle.

Choose from Tiered Tuition Options:

  • Option 1 Make with Code:  Tuition $5 per person ($15 per team)
Each participant learns to code and leaves with a new experience. Although you will need to return the Arduino at the end of the day, you will leave with a new understanding of coding and eTextiles and have been a part of creating an awesome collaborative flower garden that will be a traveling exhibits.
  • Option 2 Make with Code Professional Development:  Tuition & Take Home Kit ($80 per team)
This is the preferred option if you and your group plans to CONTINUE learning to Make With CODE beyond this event.  This option provides the educator with one day of Professional development, tuition for two students, and includes supplies valued over $100 including but not limited to:

Lucie deLaBruere
Jill Dawson
Leah Joly

Make Checks Payable to Generator
 250 Main Street, Memorial Auditorium Annex, 
Burlington, Vermont

Participants will be invited to join us for additional workshops in the Circuits and Code Series (a combination of online and face-to-face learning opportunities geared toward learning more about circuits and coding).  

For additional info:

Lucie deLaBruere
Rachel Hopper at  
802 557 0013

Registration and information at

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