Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 65: Teach a Girl a New Skill and Watch it Multiply

It's always great when you get a message like this after a tech girls event.

From Essex Middle School after our Girls Make IT day on January 30 2015

Hi Lucie and Jill.  I have followed through with my two tech ​prodigies.  We met a few times over the past week to finish our book cover projects, and to smooth out our presentation to 12 students from their 7th grade team.  I just wanted you to know that your outreach went even farther!  The following three photos show our two girls leading a group activity to 12 other classmates.      ~  Anne  (Essex Middle School) 

Of course I wrote back and said.. tell me more!  Here is the rest of the story

Girls Make IT team from Essex Middle School took their 

Maya and Grace, 7th graders from the Phoenix team at Essex Middle School, participated in the Girls MakeIT workshop on January 30th at the Generator Space in Burlington.

The next week (Feb 2-6), Maya and Grace met to finish their book cover LED project and to plan a project to share with their class.

On February 10th, Maya and Grace modeled and presented the switch book project to a group of 12 eager, new classmates. 

Each team of two students followed Maya and Grace's instructions to assemble the switch using copper tape, LEDs, batteries, and mini books (preassembled by the girls).  Time passed quickly during the hands-on demo, so they group agreed to reassemble next Tuesday, February 17th to put the final touches the project!

So the learning continues... and two girls become leaders among their peers in the Girls Make IT movement!

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