Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 25 Sew Electric

I just ordered six copies of the book Sew Electric for our Girls Can Make IT this Friday.  We aren't going to use it that day, but I do want to have enough copies for everyone to peruse it and see how helpful it could be when learning to code with eTextiles.

Working through the projects in this book as a group of girls would not only BE FUN... but it would also solidify our understanding of science and introduce us to coding.

My goal is to create a series of projects that introduce coding through eTextile.  The projects in this  book would be the perfect place to start.   I particularly liked the way the author uses the familiar structure of a recipe to introduce the structure of a computer program.

One part list the ingredients
The second part is the setup section where you prepare your ingredients.
The third part is the sequence that instructs you through each step of the recipe in a logical order to obtain the desired outcome.

Looking forward to using this book as a foundation to my goal of creating a series of workshops that helps girls get excited about learning to code.

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