Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 11 Fantastic TechSavvy Role Models

Are you looking for stories of TechSavvy female role models to share with your students. Both boys and girls need to see women in the picture when thinking and talking about the world of tech. One great place to find such stories is at

In 2012  launched a collection of 100 stories of groundbreaking women. In 2013, MAKERS premiered the documentary, MAKERS: Women Who Made America, telling the story of the modern American women's movement for the first time on television. The film aired on PBS to 4.3 million viewers and trended #1 on Twitter worldwide when it premiered. In 2014 they launched another series of documentaries each featuring Women in Space, Comedy, Business, War, Hollywood, and Politics.

Check out some of the stories of these women in tech, and many more inspiring women by browsing the category:

Adding women like Heather Fleming, Julia Kaganskiiy, Reshma Saujani, Anne Wojcicki, and Marissa Mayer to the mix of role models we provide our girls is one way to help our girls picture themselves in the future of tech.

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