Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 2: A stronger web presence

Sometimes we are so busy doing that we fail to keep up with our appearance.  I'm afraid this has been the case for TechSavvy Girls.  The hours and hours of volunteer time planning and implementing TechSavvy Girls activities each year were originally documented on the webservers of Vermont Science Math and Technology until it closed its doors.  We then moved to a quick and easy web presence on wikispaces, which was practical, but certainly did not put our bet foot forward.   Many of the links are to web artifacts that no longer exist.  Time to MOVE on!

So today we officially launch a new web presence using Google Sites and Blogger.  You can check out the new web site which includes a few pictures salvaged from past years.

I'll use Blogger  to  document  my 365 day campaign to give Tech Savvy Girls some daily focus and attention, which on day 2 includes a more attractive web presence.

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