Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Learning Text Based Coding

Played around with a fun site today that can introduce you to TEXT BASED coding by learning JavaScript.

It allows you to log in  and save projects.  Then takes you to some tutorials where an animated character will WRITE JavaScript for you.

It start by creating a sprite  and then prompts you to make your sprite DO SOMETHING! 

Move Around the Screen!
Make Noise!
and more!

Check it out at

My first thought was that there was to much happening at once for a young coder to be really learning JavaScript.  But then, I remembered learning English at age 5.  I entered First Grade not speaking English.  My introduction to English was NOT limited to a few words and once piece of syntax at a time until I mastered it.  I was immersed in a way where I kept hearing English that I did not understand yet.  The more I heard, the more I recognized the wounds, words, meanings that filled my daily life at school. 

I absolutely think that many block based coding sites are perfect for younger learners. But I think having a chance to see Text Based Code be created with this fun little Code Helper can also help young learners better understand how Code is used to create the world around us!

Give it a try!
I know we'll be trying this at TechSavvy Girls camp!

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