Friday, February 5, 2016

STEM Leadership Camp for Vermont Girls

If you know a Vermont girl whose entering 9th or 10th grade,  I would highly recommend you encourage her to attend the following fabulous opportunity.

Rosie’s Girls STEM Leadership Overnight Camps & follow-on Mentorship Program  
for Vermont girls entering 9th and 10th grades (fall 2016)

June 20 - 24  or   July 11 -15
Vermont Tech - Randolph Center Campus 
Modeled after Rosie’s Girls Day Camps by Vermont Works for Women (, Vermont Tech’s summer camps create positive, safe, supportive, girl-centered environments,with teamwork, healthy body image and tons of fun woven in! A place where girls can enhance their leadership skills as well asget their hands dirty, express themselves creatively, explore what the world has to offer them, what they have to offer the world and take positive risks! It’s a great place for girls who have previously participated in Rosie’s Girls Day Camps now entering 9th or 10th grades or who have never participated and want to try something new.
Rosie's Girls Summer Program ™ A 3-week summer day camp that helps build strong, powerful, confident girls through hands-on exploration of STEM activities and the ...

Potential program offerings may include an introduction to: Computer Info Tech; Civil/Environmental & Architectural Engineering Tech; Construction Management; Agribusiness; Welding; Fire Science; Entrepreneurship; Mechanical &Manufacturing Engineering Tech/Renewable Energy; plus loads of activities, creative arts, and more!!  

Experiences to:

o   Try out a variety of trades and technical fields
o   Increase self-confidence and self-worth and push past preconceived limitations
o   Consider careers in STEM-based, nontraditional fields
o   Develop new areas of physical and emotional confidence
o   Expand math and science skills through concrete applications
o   Develop leadership and teamwork skills
o   Have fun; make new friends with likeminded spirits - and much, much more!
For more information and for an application:

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