Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 97 Growing Season in Vermont

As some of you know, I set a goal to blog regularly on the TechSavvy Girls blog in 2015.  From January  to June 1, I added 96 blog post to this blog.  Then I went into hibernation.   But I'm back!

First let me give a quick explanation about the hibernation.  Why did I disappear?  
Because I learned that my  time for writing was the months that I am 'on the road'.
As some of you know, a few years ago I gave up my apartment to move into a 1983 Bluebird bus. The bus leaves Vermont every November and travels back to Vermont  during late April.

Photo Credit:  Joanne deLaBruere
What I discovered about myself was that during that time I am more reflective and feel compelled to write.  What I also discovered was that once we return to Vermont, I shift gears and go into 'growing season in Vermont"mode.

We all know that Vermont has a short growing season -  and during that short season, Vermonters must be leverage every opportunity to plant, grown, harvest what they will need to sustain themselves for the year.   What I found myself doing  during our time in Vermont (May - November) was growing my projects (planting, growing, and harvesting).  And what I discovered was that my commitment to blogging was not sustainable during this intense 'growing season'.

Well growing season is almost over for me, we are getting ready to hit the road again and I'm gearing up to regular reflections and writings in this blog.    So many ideas... so many things I've been wanting to write about.. where do I start!

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