Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 95: Revising my blogging goal

I set off to post something every day in 2015 that might interest girls in tech or others who are interested in the topics of women in tech.  You might have noticed a gap back in March  and another gap starting late April and early May.

What do those have in common!

 "A parallel increase in the need for 'attention to family'  and 'attention to a big work-related project!"

In March, I found myself trying to juggle a trip to Vermont that centered around some big work related projects and seeing my grandchildren and family.  Turns out "I can't do it all" and my blogging goal was moved to the back burner.

In late April/early May our mobile lifestyle brings us back to Vermont - which  brought both reuniting with my family and  increased professional commitments hurdling at me full force.  The enjoyment of both of these important forces in my life brought back the reoccurring theme  of "I can't do it all"  and again my blogging goal moved to the back burner.

Every time I experience or notice something that definitely should become part of this blog I feel the guilt from putting the TechSavvy Girls blogging goal on a hiatus rise.  But what it comes down to is a struggle I've had all my adult life ~ how to find the right balance between loved ones, profession, and personal goals.  It's a struggle many women feel from Sheryl Sandberg  to Anne Marie Slaughter.
In her recent article  "Why Women Still Can't Have it All"  offers insights on the balance struggles and even offers some recommendations of what must change for us to come close to finding that desired balance.

So in the perpetual search for balance I've decided to rewrite my blogging goal and instead of trying to write 'each day' in the TechSavvy Girls blog,  I'm going to change it to:

write at least 100 post this year that might be of interest to TechSavvy Girls readers... and when I reach the 100th post.. I'll just keep on writing - and stop counting.

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